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XML One – Austin, Texas
The Renaissance Hotel
Conference: March 5-8, 2001
Exhibition: March 6-7, 2001
Details will be posted on the website approximately 3 months prior to the conference.

Feel free to browse this website for information about our last XML One Conference in the U.S.

Get advanced XML training at the largest XML conference of the fall. Only XML One addresses the topics most relevant to your development needs including: XML in the enterprise, XML-based content, XML-based commerce, XML-based software, XML & EDI, XML & e-Commerce, XML & Java, XML & EAI, XML & wireless devices and much, much more!



SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 2, 2000 — Software AG has introduced the industry’s first complete suite of XML-enabled products for building enterprise-scale applications capable of handling complex and transaction-intensive processes. Software AG’s new Tamino XML platform, which includes a native XML database, an integration broker and development tools, leverages the performance and scalability benefits of native XML technology to optimize a company’s internal E-Business communication and raise the value of existing IT investments.


OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Public Meeting Announcement

Wednesday, October 4 , 7:00 pm- 9:30 pm, San Juan room

The OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee invites attendees to a public session to discuss the scope and content of our work. This interactive session gives attendees an opportunity to comment or to ask questions of committee members about the work of the committee.

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A proven training ground for XML professionals, XML One provides more hands-on instruction, real-world case studies, and practical problem solving than any other XML conference.

XML One San Jose, the 4th installment of this cutting-edge event, provides a more complete learning experience. The conference includes day and night sessions, and full and half day intensive tutorials – in all, over 35 sessions, more than any other conference of its kind. Get the hands-on practical experience and strategic insight that turn good developers into cutting-edge commodities. Grab your laptops and get ready, you’re going home a better developer.

What you’ll learn – By Track

XML-Based Content on the Internet

  • Converting HTML to XML
  • XSLT & Xpath
  • XML and Java
  • Globalized Data through XML
  • XML and the Web
  • XML & Stylesheets
  • WAP, XML & Databases

XML-Based Commerce on the Internet

  • XML for Web-based Systems
  • E-Commerce Pitfalls
  • XML HTTP Messaging
  • XML, XSL & e-Business
  • XML Intelligent Agents
  • B2Bi XML

Implementing XML-Based Software

  • XML Schema Conversions
  • SOAP
  • Understanding Tag Definitions
  • Java, XML & DOM
  • Architecture of XML Integration Servers

XML in the Enterprise

  • Web Integration Servers
  • Document Analysis for DTD’s
  • XML and Knowledge Management
  • XML Legacy Applications
  • XML and Middleware